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Worm Bin

I made myself a worm bin! It all started, many years ago, when my college roommate and I spent an unreasonable amount of time looking at worm bins at the state fair. We eventually made the wise decision that spending … Continue reading

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Cheap, Easy Drip Irrigation

Here’s a puzzle: Given a patio full of thirsty plants, how do I keep them all watered? I started out the usual way, hauling buckets, and watering each plant.But, as the weather got hotter and the plants got bigger (and … Continue reading

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School Colors Knit Hats

School Color Hats I have three cousins who are siblings who each went to a different one of the three state colleges in Iowa. This year I made them each a hat with the colors of their school. Lion Hometown … Continue reading

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Refugee Vetting

Let’s be clear on one thing: The refugee vetting process in the United States is already ‘extreme’. It is the most difficult way to get into the country, and by turning away people who have already been through this onerous … Continue reading

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Folly Cosplay: Apron

“She wore an apron – but it looked to be made of leather, and was burned in several places, a smith’s garment rather than kitchen wear.” I started my costume research online. I found some nice smith’s aprons with the … Continue reading

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