Jayne Hat

Lion Hometown –Pittsburgh Yellow, Syracuse Orange, Tampa Spice (red)

Size 11

CO 44 in orange

Knit all in stockinet

Knit for 18 rows (5.5 in), switch to yellow (leave long tail on the orange, for seam), knit 7 rows (2 in), decrease.

Decrease: always knit first and last stitch for seam. *K4, ssk* to end, knit next row, *k3, ssk* to end. Continue until decreasing every stitch.

Cut, leaving long tail (for seam). Seam.

Ear flaps:

Count 9 stitches from the seam, pick up 9 stitches, 4 stitches up from bottom. With red (all in stockinet), knit 8 rows, dec first and last (7 st), knit 1 row, dec first and last (5 st), knit 1 row, dec 1st and last (3 st), knit 5 rows, dec 1st (2 st), dec 1st (1 st). Cut yarn, leaving about 4 inches, pull through. Tie knot in end of tail (to avoid unraveling). Cut another length of yarn, about twice as long as the tail, and pull it through. Knot both ends and knot together with the tail.

Do on both sides of hat.


Next time: Make the body shorter by about 3 inches. Make the ear flaps larger: wider by 2 more stitches towards the front, longer before decreases to 18 rows about 5 inches. Decrease at beginning of each row instead of at the beginning and end of every other row. Attach ear flaps to inside of hat instead of outside. I need to work on the puff ball too.

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