Giant Easter Egg

I was giving an Easter gift, and I wanted to put it in a giant egg, but any plastic eggs I found were too small, so I decided to make my own. So, maybe it ended up looking more like a weird missile than an egg, but whatever.

Start with a large rectangle of cardboard, score the entire length of the cardboard every two inches with the grain.


Roll the cardboard into a tube, with the scores on the outside. Overlap the last strip on each edge and hot glue together.


Score the outside of the tube to make shape the ends of the egg. My cardboard already had creases, or I would have scored it again about half way down. This would have been easier before gluing it into a tube, but I wasn’t sure how far up to start the curve. Cut through the scores delimiting the strips, up to the farthest circumference score.

Do the same on both ends. On one end make the circumference score farther down the tube, so one end of the egg will be pointier.


Put two balloons inside the egg, inflated to just fit inside of it. Use these as a base to help shape the ends. Pull each strip down, each strip overlapping the previous one. Hot glue may have worked best here, but I couldn’t find any more glue sticks. So, I used duct tape. Lots and lots of duct tape. I completely covered each end with colored duct tape and used that for the coloring too.

I wrapped the middle section of the egg in blue painters tape. (Painters tape because it was handy.)


Cut through the score along the length,then cut through the scores on the top and bottom of each of the flaps, to make an opening to put things inside the egg. This will pop the balloons.


Close the flaps and tape them shut. I was hoping to put just one strip of tape to close the flaps, but they kept popping open, so I wrapped the whole thing in tape a few more times.


It…kinda looks like an egg…

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