Nutella Cresent Star


  • Recipe source:
  • Modifications
    • Used two tubes of ‘big and flaky’ crescent rolls instead of four regular tubes
      • They are cheaper and four tubes seemed like a lot
    • Shaping the dough
      • Not as easy as it looks in the video
      • I tried rolling it, it wasn’t working for me
      • This is more of a bread dough than a cookie dough, so I treated it as such – more pinching and pressing and stretching than rolling
    • Used an 8 inch circle instead of a 10 inch
      • Because I used less dough
      • And I have an 8 inch circle handy
      • And I don’t have a pizza pan, so I had to fit it on a cookie sheet
    • I didn’t use the whole jar of Nutella
      • Because I used less dough
      • Next time, I will use the whole jar
    • Used a tiny Tupperware cup instead of a mason jar
      • Because I used a smaller circle, and because that seemed like a lot of unused dough
    • I did not cut off the excess dough to make a perfect circle
    • Skipped the egg wash
      • Mainly because I forgot



A friend tagged me in a video recipe of Christmas Tree shaped pastry made of puff pastry and Nutella. But I didn’t really like that recipe – I’ve never used puff pastry before, and the shaping of the tree looked unnecessarily finicky. So I searched around and I found this recipe. Then I simplified it even further. I didn’t make it for Christmas, but I did bring it for new years. It was delicious, and big hit. There was none left by the end of the evening.

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