Bunny Hat

Child’s Ribbed Blanket Hat with Bunny Ears

I was getting together with some friends for Easter, and I had Easter gifts for the kids. Then, the day before, I realize there was one more kid coming than I had planned for. So, of course, I decide to knit her a hat. Luckily, I have a nice little stash of Blanket Yarn.


Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn – “Pink Twist”

Size 10.5 needles

CO 32 stitches

Knit first and last stitch of every row in stockinet (for seam), knit rest of row in 2×2 rib.
Repeat for about 7.5 inches, then start decreases

Decreases: (keep first and last stitch in stockinet)
*k4, dec,* knit the same stitch as the one below; for decreases, if one of the stitches below is a knit the knit, if both are purl then purl
knit a row in pattern (same stitch as the one below)
*k3, dec*
knit row in pattern
Continue until decreasing every stitch
Cut yarn leaving a long tail. Pull tail through the remaining stitches and use it to sew seam.


I could have stopped there, it took me less then two hours knit up the hat, but I couldn’t shake the thought of how cute it would be with little bunny ears. (The ears took about twice as long as the hat.)


My first ear looked a bit more Yoda-like than bunny-like. I went back to Google and decided that I needed to alter the shape (more tear drop, less pointy) and that I needed a contrasting color for the underside of the ear. The second ear came out adorable.


(‘back’ of ears is the underside, ‘front’ is the top)
Pick up 4 stitches on the hat, right below start of decreases
knit all in stockinet
knit 3 rows
pick up 4 stitches from the back of the ear on a second needle and start knitting in the round
knit one row
on back of ear: k1 mc, k2 cc, k1 mc (continue mc for entire front of ear)
continue about 2 inches
on front inc 1st and last, on back inc 1st and last stitch in mc
you should now have 6 stitches on each needle. At this point you may want to split the front to 2 needles, 3 on each
back: k1 mc, k4 cc, k1 mc
continue about 2 inches
on back  dec 1st and last in mc, front: dec 1st and last. Leaving 4 st in front and 4 in back
cut cc and continue only in mc
k 1 round
dec 1st and last on each side, leaving 2 on each side
dec front and back leaving 1 on each side
cut yarn and pull through remaining two stitches
stitch in tails

Repeat on opposite side of hat.



Next time: Make it a little wider: co 38. It fits alright as is, but because of the way it stretches it gets a bit of a cone-head effect. I could make it shorter instead, but I like the idea of leaving some room to grow.



The ears were worth it; it looked super adorable on her.

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