Cow-Dog Plushie

There’s a kid I know, and I’m pretty sure he has a knitting curse. Nothing I have tried to knit for him has turned out how I planned, starting with the baby blanket. After two tries at a minion hat this summer, I skipped a knitted gift for Christmas and got out the sewing machine (that turned out awesome).

I knit a baby blanket for his incoming baby brother, so I was determined to try again. My specialty is hats, but he’s not really fond of hats (which may be part of my problem), so I’ve had an idea for a while to knit him a stuffed animal. I already failed at that the Christmas before last, but I’ve been making a bunch of tiny monster toys since then, so I gave it another go.

I knit most of it at a knitting retreat, and I was really happy with it. Most of the people I was with looked at it, and asked if I was making a cow, and I happily responded that yes, I was making a cow. I loved how it turned out and thought it was one of the most awesome things I’ve ever made.

Then I took it with me the next time I saw my mom, and proudly showed it off. Her response: “Well…At least it’s recognizable as a dog.” She’s not the only one that thinks it’s dog. I think the main problem is the torso is too long. The tail sticking up doesn’t help any (I didn’t mean for it to do so). My mom blames the ears, says they’re too big. Actually, she first blamed the color, because it’s not the right color for a cow … because dogs are green and blue? I thought about adding horns or an udder, but I’m not sure I could pull either off convincingly, and I’d need to add another color.

Anyway, I still think it’s pretty cool, and I’m willing to go along with it being a dog. Besides, it’s not my fault; the kid is cursed.


14-IMG_6268 13-IMG_6262 12-IMG_6261 11-IMG_6260 10-IMG_6258

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