Folly Cosplay: Shirt

“Her grey shirt was made of ethersilk, patched in several places, and looked as though it had been tailored for a man almost two hundred pounds heavier than she was.”

I started looking for the shirt early; I was checking thrift stores for large, grey, button down shirts, preferably something silky. I hadn’t found anything close, until I mentioned it to my family one day. It turns out that my brother had the perfect shirt in a pile of clothes he was getting rid of.


All that’s left was sewing on some patches. I figured that an ethersilk shirt would most likely be patched with ethersilk, so I looked for silky fabric to patch it with. I found some appropriate shirts half-off from Goodwill. I went with bold colors, because I figured that Folly would patch her clothes with whatever seemed ‘appropriate’ at the time. I used the same logic when choosing thread to sew the patches on, and I didn’t stress too much about keeping the stitches even. I even switched thread colors in the middle of sewing on some patches.


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