My First Shawl

Triangle Shawl


  • Pattern:
  • Needle Size: 7
  • Yarn:
    • Brand: Caron
    • Type: Caron Cakes
    • Color: Cake Pop (grey and blue)
  • Pattern modifications
    • Edges: I didn’t garter stitch the edges. I left them stockinette because I like how it looks and the eyelets work well enough to stop the edge from rolling.
    • ‘Paired Garter Ridges’: Apparently I didn’t read the directions very well, because instead of two rows of purls with a knit row in between, I just did two purl rows.
    • Spine: When knitting the spine, I always kept it stockinette instead of purling for the pattern rows.
    • Distance between pattern rows: I used length rather than row count to determine when to start a pattern row. I purposely let it be a little organic and uneven. I went a bit longer than the length of the first two joints of my pointer finger – I counted when I was almost finished and it ended up being about 15 rows per stockinette section. (I think it varied between 12 and 18.)
    • Length: My plan was to do two full repeats of the color pattern then bind off after the next eyelet row. I was running low on yarn, so the last stockinette section ended up a bit short. I would have been fine with two skeins, but when I joined the second skein I cut it near the middle to preserve the color pattern.
    • Spontaneous modifications: I know I missed the eyelets along the spine a few times. I may have even missed eyelet at the edges a time or two. I counted the stitches on each side of the spine before the third eyelet row – I was only one off by and I corrected it in the eyelet row.


I chose this pattern because I was looking for a triangle shawl where the stripes would form V’s, to really show off the Caron Cake’s variegation. I did some design work over Thanksgiving, practicing with some kitchen cotton and figuring out my variations. I cast on when I got home from Thanksgiving, and cast off on December 23. I finished before Christmas!


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One Response to My First Shawl

  1. Liz says:

    👏👏 looks ace, I can’t wait to knit my 1st shawl

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