Gluten Free Christmas Party Treats

Just a list of gluten-free goodies I brought to a Christmas party this weekend.


Fudge: Fudge Recipe

Recipe is naturally gluten-free.

Cut into 120 pieces (about a centimeter square): 32 cal.



Gluten-Free Mini Chocolate Muffins

I’m working on a proper post for these. Brief recipe: 1 box gluten-free chocolate cake mix, 1 can pumpkin, 1/4 to 1 cup chocolate chips. Mix. Bake in a mini muffin tin at 350 degrees for about 16 minutes.

First time trying this with gluten-free cake mix. Turned out pretty well, just don’t eat right after eating something else chocolate (like the fudge), or it tastes off. Might have been better if I could find a dark chocolate cake mix or use mini chocolate chips (both called for in the original recipe).

35 muffins: 73 cal.



Gluten-Free Marshmallow Rice Krispy Treats

Basic Rice Krispy Treat recipe, with gluten-free Rice Krispies.

About 47 cal.



Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Pretty much followed the recipe, I used 3 egg whites. These have a meringue-like texture (which makes sense, as they are mostly egg white).

22 cookies: 112 cal.



Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

I used 60% cocoa chocolate chips, but otherwise followed the recipe.

These are intensely peanut buttery, and very good. It shocked me how perfect the texture is with these: there is no flour or flour substitute, just peanut butter, but you can’t tell.

32 cookies: 107 cal.




This was my first try making kransekake. The biggest tip I have so far: don’t start by making a full batch; it makes a huge amount.



Gluten-Free Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m working on a chocolate chocolate chip cookie recipe, and I tried this version with gluten-free flour. It wasn’t terrible, but not good enough I’m going to bother posting the recipe. The texture was kind of weird, but it did improve with time – they were better a few days later than they were fresh.

73 cal.


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