Folly Cosplay Part 3: Stockings

“she wore stockings instead of shoes – green and white polka dots on one foot and orange and purple stripes on the other”

I’m interpreting ‘stockings’ as knee-high socks. I have to be a little careful buying tall socks because I have wide calves, so a lot of knee-socks won’t fit, especially ones with patterns.

Striped socks are easy to find, no matter what the color combination.


Socks with polka dots, not so much. I would have gone with anything that could reasonably be described as ‘green and white polka dots’ – white with green polka dots, green with white polka dots, some other solid color with both green and white polka dots. I did find one that was green with white polka dots that would work (, but from the reviews, I would probably have trouble with the fit and it wasn’t prime eligible so I would have to pay for shipping and take my chances of it getting here on time. Plus, I had another plan.


I found a pair of white knee-socks at Joann Fabric, and I have a rather large collection of sharpies, fabric markers, and fabric paint. I used a roll of electrical tape as a stencil. I used an old white sock to try out the different markers and practice using the stencils (I had two rolls of tape in slightly different sizes).


I washed the sock to see how the colors would hold up.


The Marks-a-lot marker bled, so that was out. I liked the Sharpie fabric marker best for color and ease of application.


Some of the dots are a different color, because I ran the marker dry. I used a regular Sharpie to go over the dots that were partially covered and to add a few more. I used both of the tape-stencils.

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