Halloween Cubicle Decorating 2013 – Gru’s Website

I realized I never posted my first foray into Halloween cubicle decorating.

In 2013 my department did a minion themed skit and I had fun with some minion theme decorating.


I learned that the best way to draw on balloons is to use dry erase markers. You should not use Sharpies, because the marks will liquidate if the balloon pops and stain things. Glad I did my internet research before trying that. (Most references were from clowns.)


In the skit, I played Edith. I put way too much effort into that sweater.


“Web” site – get it? 🙂


I built a string web across the top of my cube and hung minion balloons from it.


I built a web against my largest cube wall and trapped some minions in it. The backdrop here is a black sheet from a thrift store. I have some Halloween garland across the top that I bought at an after-Halloween sale at some point. The other walls were covered with tablecloths I got at after-Halloween sales. (I don’t like paying full price for decorations.)


It was hard to get a good picture of this, but the corner behind my short wall (where my guest chair sits), was completely webbed off and filled with minion balloons.


I painted a few minion gourds too. (I sometimes go a little overboard on things…)


The main reason I ended up with so many is that I had to figure out the best way to turn a gourd into a minion. (My conclusion: use a spaghetti gourd, they are already the right color and shape, just add the coveralls and features.)

That purple thing in the front is my fluffy unicorn pumpkin.


Yes, there is a pumpkin under there.

I used this for my entry to the mini-pumpkin decorating contest. I knew there would be a lot of minions entered, so I wanted to do something else. I printed out an “It’s so FLUFFY!!!” sign to display with it.

To make the unicorn, I painted the pumpkin purple, including the stem. I wrapped the pumpkin with sparkly purple eyelash yarn, gluing the ends to the pumpkin with white glue. The legs are a paper bowl, cut and painted purple. I finished it off with a couple of googly eyes.


Costume: https://geekgirlmae.wordpress.com/2014/07/05/dispicable-me-edith-gru-costume/

Food contest: https://geekgirlmae.wordpress.com/2013/11/05/unicorn-poop-cookies/


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