Folly Cosplay Part 2: Hat

“the band of her too-large top hat was fairly bursting with folded pieces of paper”

I bought the hat on Amazon and I love it. It was even intended for a steampunk costume and came with goggles. I didn’t need goggles for this costume, but they’re kind of cool.


I started with a bunch of printer paper folded up and put in the band, but it didn’t look right. It looked too… new.


So I took all of the paper out and stuck it in my purse or pockets for a few days. After that,  I wrote on the inside of all of the papers, folded them, and stuffed them in the band.

Now that I had my hat done, the next challenge was getting the hat to Atlanta without damaging it. I had planned to keep the box it was shipped in, but when I went to pack my suitcase I realized that it was too big.

I took that box and cut the top off to make it shorter. For the lid, I used a box that originally held cans. I cut slits half way down the lid and an equal distance down the top of the large box, so that they would lock together firmly.

You can see that the part of the box that is not covered by the lid is cut on a slant. While the box fit in my suitcase, it didn’t account for my glaive. There is a part of another costume that has to fit diagonally across my suitcase. So this box can’t sit flat in the bottom of the suitcase, it has to rest partially on top of something else. I had to cut off the corners of the box to make it fit.

I didn’t want to cut the side of the box to make it narrower, because I felt hat would make the box less sturdy.

It worked, I got the hat there and back still looking perfect.

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