The Difference a Year Makes

This was my third year going to DragonCon. Last year was my second year going and my first year really wearing costumes for it. (The first year I just wore a couple of Star Trek uniform t-shirts.)

At DragonCon last year, I heard about a Facebook group called Drop By Dragoncon, and when I got home I joined it. My goal was to stop needing larger clothes – I am far to old to be outgrowing my clothes. I tried to improve my fitness a bit in the fall, but didn’t get serious until just after the new year when I started using MyFitnessPal.

I also spent some time working on my costumes. For the only costume I was sure I was going to repeat (my Kel costume), I started thinking of ideas for improvement during con last year.

This costume I completely changed. Last year I was Amy Pond (from Dr Who), this year I was Folly (from Astronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher).

Lady Knight Keladry of Mindelan, aka Kel. I revamped this costume a bit. I’m still wearing grey dress pants, but instead of two shirts I sewed myself, I’m wearing a tunic shirt I bought online. I also added to my accessories.

Kaylee from Firefly. This costume probably shows the change in me the best, as the coveralls are the same. I didn’t change much in the costume, just changed the shirt and reapplied the patches. (Although I can’t believe I put the teddy bear patch on the wrong side this year.) I also repaired the seams I ripped out last year, and hemmed the legs.


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One Response to The Difference a Year Makes

  1. Ceeann says:

    Very nice post! Glad it went well.

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