Folly Cosplay Part 1: Spectacles


“She was dressed… not so much untidily, he decided, as randomly.” The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher p83

I’m working on a new costume for DragonCon, and I only have a month left, but I’m really excited. I’m going as Folly from Jim Butcher’s new book The Aeronaut’s Windlass. I have a hard time deciding on my favorite character, but I definitely like Folly’s look best.

First piece competed: “One lens of her spectacles was pink, the other green”

I found two pairs of identical glasses with tinted lenses – one with pink lenses and the other with green. Then I swapped one of the lenses.


It was harder than I expected, because there was no screw holding the frame around the lens and the lenses wouldn’t pop out easily. I bent up one of the frames with pliers until I found the trick of popping the lens out. I grip the top of the frame above one lens with pliers then gently tilt the pliers backwards to pop the lens out of the front of the frame. When I was working on my final glasses I put a piece of cloth around the pliers so I wouldn’t mar the glasses.



Popping the lenses back in was pretty much the same process in reverse. The lenses pop mostly into place by hand, but with the top of the lens resting in front of the frame. Sometimes I had to use the pliers slightly on each side of the top before popping it the rest of the way in.


I love how they turned out.


Pieces left to do:

  • Grey shirt with patches – I have the shirt, need to sew on patches
  • Green undergown – I have a green skirt I think I can use, but it needs mended and maybe altered
  • Stockings – I have one and an idea for the other
  • Apron – I have material for this, I just need to construct it
  • Hair – not sure how I’m going to do this, need to look through my yarn stash
  • Top hat – Just got delivered from Amazon today, and it looks awesome. I still need to decorate it.
  • Necklace – I have the materials, just need to put them together
  • Gun belt – Have the materials, need to assemble
  • Jar of crystals – Have the materials, need to assemble
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