Tardis Hat

Tardis Hat

08-IMG_6336 07-IMG_6334


Original pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tardis-hat

Needles: size 7

Yarn: Sincerely by Purl Essence Everyday; Colors: Sincerely Royal Blue, Sincerely White, Sincerely Black


Knit flat (instead of in the round), add an extra stitch on each end for the seam

I made the ribbing 2 inches. The windows were 5 rows tall instead of 4, and the break between them was 2 instead of 1 (I needed to make the gap an even number of rows to pick up the white yarn). The break between the top window and the black was 3 rows instead of 5 (to compensate for the rows I added in the windows). I added an extra row of black then a row of blue on the top of the black strip, below the purl row (because I thought it looked better).

Also, I think I angled the decreases backwards .

When I joined the white for the topper, I also decreased at the beginning and end to get to 4 stitches (to compensate for the two stitches I added for the seam) then I joined in the round to i-cord the white.

Overall, it came out a bit loose. If I knit it again, I would either go with size 4 or 5 needles, or try to alter the pattern to reduce the width. It did turn out pretty cool though. I especially like how the decreases make it square-ish.

01-IMG_629702-IMG_627204-IMG_629903-IMG_6303 05-IMG_6306 06-IMG_6274

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