New Year’s Resolutions

I just got back from DragonCon, and I figure this is a better time to make changes than an arbitrary roll-over of the calendar.

I moved about a month ago, and I had big plans to start exercising more. My new place has all sorts of amenities, including a nice, accessible, exercise room; a pool and hot tub; a place I can store a bike and tons of great places to bike. Then I realized that vacating my old place didn’t mean I was finished moving. (I have soo much crap…) And I hadn’t started any of those DragonCon costumes that I have been planning since last DragonCon.

Long Term Goals:
Exercise more
Not go up a clothing size
Make small, short-term goals; and keep them
Get the bike working and start biking places
Go through those boxes that were carried over from my old place without ever being opened
Extremely limit buying more: t-shirts, candy, yarn. (I have way more t-shirts than I need, so I want to only buy the really really awesome ones. No more candy until I’ve used what I have – with specific exceptions, for dark chocolate peanut M&M’s and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Yarn: I should probably not buy any yarn I don’t have a specific project for; I don’t actually intend to stick to this one, but I should.)

Overly Hopeful DragonCon Specific Goals:
Finish costumes early (24 hours before the flight counts as early, but earlier would be good)
Actually sleep the night before the flight

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