Sundrop Baby Hat



It took me three tries to get this right, and if I had more time I probably would have tweaked it a bit and gone for four.

03-IMG_470402-IMG_470305-IMG_4717 04-IMG_4716

The first hat I did in yellow. The first thing I did was forget that my needles are marked in mm and the pattern was US sizes. I used a size 2.75mm instead of size 3 US (3.25mm). This was only for the brim, I realized what I did when I switched to the larger size for the top of the hat. I chose to twist the stitches, which made the hat smaller and changed how the “quatrefoil pattern” (the holes) looked. The smaller size worked out, because the baby was teensy, but I didn’t like how it changed the patter. I also thought the brim wasn’t shaped enough, probably because of the error with needle size.


The next one I made with pink yarn, and it turned out almost perfect, except I got off on my counting and the second set of quatrefoil was off.


Before I started the third one I drew out the pattern until I understood it. I do better if I understand the relationship between the current row and the previous row, rather than just counting stitches. This actually helped me find an error in this iteration, even though I did have to un-knit two and a half rows.

12-IMG_4723 13-IMG_4725 11-IMG_4722  09-IMG_4729

If I had more time, I might have made one more. There is one quatrefoil in the second row that would cross the start of the round. I omitted it in the third hat and I want to try including it.


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