Costume Ideas

I’m starting to plan costumes for Dragon Con next year. I probably won’t go all out like some people do, partially because I’m lazy, and partially because I‘m going to rank comfort as the most important factor.

I have a few ideas:

Amy, from The Silence (Dr. Who).

I want to dress as Amy, with the tally marks on my arms, and have a Silence behind me. It would be awesome if I could have it floating behind me, like draped over a balloon. But I can’t quite figure out the logistics of that, so maybe just on my back.


Finding something to make the marks with that I won’t react to. I have annoyingly sensitive skin; I know I can’t actually use Sharpie.

Red hair. I think a wig would drive me nuts. Maybe dying my hair? I’ve never dyed my hair before…


  • Re-watch The Silence episode
  • Red plaid button down shirt
  • Denim capris (ones I already have?)
  • Temporary red hair dye (trial run)
  • Silence/The Scream mask (get this before scream outfit, or else outfit unnecessary)
  • Scream outfit for back of outfit
    • Black fabric? For pants
    • Black jacket?
    • White button down shirt?
    • Black tie

Kaylee (Firefly)

I love Kaylee, she’s so much fun. I love that she’s so much herself, and so girly, and such a good engineer all at once. Besides, an excuse to watch Firefly again. Maybe buy a parasol.


  • Re-watch Firefly
  • Green overalls
  • Pink shirt
  • Teal oriental button down/jacket
  • Teddy bear patch
  • Parasol?

Keladry of Mindelan

This one would be the most technically difficult. I thought about doing it for this year, but never followed through. I think it will be hard to be distinctly Kel. And also comfortable. That’s important.

You ever read a name the same way for a long time, only to realize you were reading it wrong? I first read Protector of the Small around when it first came out. It was the first Tamora Pierce series I read. I just now realized that there is no ‘n’ in ‘Keladry’. I have been reading it ‘Kelandry’ this whole time. The really weird part is that I’ve listened to the audio books too, dozens of times. (It didn’t take me near this long to realize that ‘Voldemort’ was not ‘Vold-er-mont’.) (Wow, my spellcheck recognizes ‘Voldemort’. )

Anyway, I’m going to try to draw her shield myself. I started off on the internet, but I decided I’m not comfortable with just pulling something. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the design. I don’t think I want to carry around a shield. Maybe if I could mount it on my backpack somehow? Maybe just a badge, or some sort of flag.

I want to figure out a glaive, haven’t quite figured out how to do that. The glaive and the shield are her most distinguishing features, so I definitely want to have the shield. That means I have to be Kel after she’s knighted.

Something related to the griffon feather band would be cool.


  • Blue tunic (may have to sew this myself to get what I want?)
  • Grey leggings
  • Glaive
  • Something with Kel’s badge
  • Gloves? (allusion to her griffon caring)
  • Orange feathers (for griffon feather band)
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One Response to Costume Ideas

  1. Ceeann says:

    Hey there … you might try Henna…. should be available there somewhere for the markings…

    As a challenge you might go as a Dark Crystal Land Strider for the parade…LOL. Cee

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