Dragon Con

I just got home from Dragon*Con! It was awesome! Now I am prolonging the experience by watching DragonConTV on YouTube (we were not in a host hotel, so I haven’t seen any of it.


What is DragonCon?

(or, you know, Google it. Or Wikipedia. Or Official WebSite.)

To the uninitiated I have described it as: ‘Have you heard of ComicCon? It’s kinda like that, but not quite as big, and more broad, with more fantasy and sci fi than just comics.’

Now that I’ve been, I still can’t really explain it. It’s a con. It’s completely fan run (which is awesome). It’s almost completely volunteer-run (I heard somewhere that they have, like, 3 paid staff that do things like man the phones and send out postcards throughout the year) (keep in mind that my source is ‘this thing I think I heard once’)

There are these different fan ‘Tracks’, which are like groups of programming for a topic. Some tracks are Fantasy Literature, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult Literature, Trek, Brit (those are the ones I was most interested in) and also things like Puppetry, Skeptics, Science, see all of them here: http://www.dragoncon.org/?q=fan-tracks-view&page=1

How did I end up at DragonCon?

Friend IM’ed me “Want to go to Dragon Con with me next year?”

Me: Google “Dragon Con”, replied “Sure”

Did I dress up?

Only in a very lazy way. I found a Star Trek TNG uniform t-shirt on ThinkGeek. I bought two (one red and one blue) and wore black pants. (Sunday I just wore a Pi t-shirt)

I am already thinking about costumes for next year (If I can manage to not be lazy…)


I managed to avoid blisters on the back of my heels. I always get them there. I tried a few different blister products, and switched to my sandals for a few hours each day. However! I did not avoid blisters altogether! … I have knitting blisters…


Next Year

Yeah…I already bought my membership for next year…

Back Home

So, I wrote most of this Monday, but them my computer was being slow, so I lay down for a bit… and now it’s Tuesday…

(I actually got up about 6 and went to my bed, then about midnight to turn off the lights in the living room and shut the window, then back to bed)

And now I’m back to writing things up and watching DragonConTV on YouTube.

And eating more of the chocolate chip pancakes I made yesterday, even though they are kind of dried out, since I forgot to put them away yesterday.

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