Dispicable Me Edith Gru Costume

Every year, my work makes a big deal of Halloween. We have a skit contest, a costume contest, and contests for cubicle decorating, ghoulish food, and pumpkin decorating. This year my department decided to do a Despicable Me skit, and I decided to run with it (I love minions!). I’ve already done a post about my ‘ghoulish food’ entry (unicorn poop cookies).

I was Edith Gru in the skit and this is how I made my costume:

I started by going to thrift stores. I couldn’t find any sweaters with dark pink and light pink vertical stripes, so I bought two sweaters – one light pink and the other dark pink. I cut up the light pink sweater and sewed it onto the dark one to make the stripes. (I actually spent way to much time on this part,,,I probably could have basted the stripes on much more loosely, or even just glued them on)

The leggings are just black leggings from a thrift store.

The skirt is just a t-shirt (also from a thrift store). I cut it apart at the shoulders and cut of the sleeves, then I used a regular belt to hold it up.

The boots were a little more difficult. Halloween morning I still didn’t have a plan, so I took a bunch of material with me to work. I ended up cutting the sleeves off of a long sleeve white shirt and pulling them on over my white tennis shoes. The sleeves wouldn’t stay up, so I stitched them straight onto my leggings. (I had to cut them off that night…).

My next problem came when I went into the restroom – most of the office is carpeted, but it is tile in there. Turns out, my ‘boots’ had terrible traction. I took care of that by putting duct tape on the bottom of my feet!

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2 Responses to Dispicable Me Edith Gru Costume

  1. Ceeann says:

    Nice new post! Cool costume… CC

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