Crispy Treats

‘Scotcheroos’ peanutbutter rice crispy treats

1c Sugar

1c corn syrup

1c peanut butter

6 c cereal (rice crispies, cheerios, kix, really any cereal you want)

The short version:

Bring sugar and corn syrup to a boil, remove from heat, combine with peanut butter, stir into cereal, pour onto flat surface to set.

the long version:

Put peanut butter in large glass bowl (I use pamered chef classic batter bowl)

Put cereal in really large bowl (I use an extra-large Tupperware ‘thatsa bowl’ (32 cup)) a large mixing bowl would work fine

Put sugar and corn syrup in a sauce pan (I use my pampered chef ), heat over medium heat, stirring constantly (or the sugar will burn) until it boils. (I use my pampered chef mix’n scraper)

Remove from heat and combine sugar mixture and peanut butter (you can add the peanut butter to the sauce pan, but I like to add the sugar to the peanut butter in the glass bowl, I think it is easier to stir and easier to pour).  Stir it well.

Add the sugar-peanut butter mixture to the cereal and mix until the cereal is coated.

Do these last two steps quickly, so it doesn’t start to set.

Pour the cereal mixture onto a Pampered Chef pastry mat (or parchment paper, or wax paper).

Spread it quickly and gently, don’t pat down or the treat gets hard. I use my Mix’n Scrape to ‘pull’ the treats out – starting from the center and scraping the top towards the edges.

Let set.

Eat and enjoy (if you can wait that long)

(store in an airtight container)

Chocolate topping:

I honestly don’t have a real recipe for this, what I do boils down to ‘melt some chocolate chips and some butterscotch chips and a bit of oil’

It really depends on how thick you want it, and I usually try to leave about half of it without chocolate for people who don’t want it.

I use a portion of about 1:4 butterscotch to chocolate. Probably about 2 cups chocolate chips (use semi-sweet, milk chocolate won’t set up as well and the butterscotch will add sweetness) and about ½ cup up butterscotch chips (the butterscotch chips help it set well, if you want it more ‘butterscotch-y’, replace more of the chocolate with butterscotch) and about ½ t of oil (vegetable, canola, olive, it doesn’t really matter, but vegetable is probably least healthy).

I melt it in a glass measure cup in the microwave – power level three, stir every 30 seconds, when it starts to melt stir every 10 or 5 seconds, you want it only barely heated enough to melt, some of the lumps will melt when you stir it.

Pour over treats and spread (I use a P.C. mini scraper).

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