Chocolate Cake and Frosting

chocolate Extender cake

1 pkg       devils food cake mix

1 c           flour (rounded)

¾ c          sugar

1 t            baking powder

2 T             cocoa (rounded)

½ c             oil

2/3 c                    water

1 pkg          chocolate chips

Mix dry ingredients, add oil, water, and whatever the cake mix calls for and mix according to the package directions. Stir in chocolate chips. Bake according to package directions plus 15 min.

Recipe from my mom. Also good with mint M&M’s – just toss them on top after the batter is in the pan (they’ll sink, but it’ll be good)

Important tip: If you are using a hand mixer, do not drop the mixer into the batter. It makes a very big mess. Trust me on this.

chocolate frosting

½ c          brown sugar

½ c          sugar

¼ c          margarine

¼ c          milk

1 t            vanilla

3/4 c                chocolate chips

1 dash      salt

Mix sugars, margarine, and milk in a pan. Bring to a boil while stirring.  Boil for one minute.  Remove from heat, then add vanilla and chocolate chips. Cool, stirring occasionally, before spreading on cake.

Recipe from my mom.

Frosting is very dense and chocolaty.

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